Add a Personnel Record

You can add and edit personnel records. You can use an existing member record, or you can create one, if needed.
  1. On the Personnel tab, click the personnel section you want to add the record to.
  2. At the top, click Add [Type].
    Note: If this record belongs in more than one personnel section, click Add Indiv. on the All Personnel tab. You can select multiple Show On options later.
  3. If the person you want to add has been deleted from this program or is shared in another Office program, you can select them and click Use this Individual. Otherwise, click Add New Individual.
  4. If the person you want to add has an existing member record, click Yes to select them. Otherwise, click No.
  5. If you want to add a member and family record for this personnel, click Yes. Otherwise, click No.
  6. Enter the name and ID number.
    Note: You can configure the program to assign ID numbers automatically. On the File menu, click Setup > ID Number Options.
  7. Enter any record details, and select the program areas where you want this record to display.
  8. At the top, click Save.