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Link Personnel to a Member Record

If you have personnel who are also members/constituents, you can "link" the records. That way, if you change any information on either record, it's updated on both. For example, if you change the phone number for the member, the phone number for the personnel is changed, too.

  1. On the Personnel tab, click All Personnel or the appropriate personnel section then Primary Information.
  2. Locate the appropriate personnel record.
  3. Click the Member drop-down list beside the ID Number.
  4. Select the member record to link to this personnel.
  5. At the top, click Save.

The records are now linked. When you change information on either record, it is updated on both records. You can quickly go to the member or family record. When you're on the personnel record, click Member in the Primary Information window to view the member record. Or, click to Family view the family record.