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Student Attendance Web App

Note: PDS Administrators: Before your catechists can use the web app, you must set up logins and upload class data.

As a catechist or administrator, you can mark class attendance on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone using our secure web application at cat.parish.mobi.

Tip: To quickly open the web app on your mobile device, add a bookmark on your home screen. View your device documentation to learn how to do this.

Mark Attendance on the App

After your admin gives you login credentials, you can mark attendance for your classes on the web app.

  1. On your computer or mobile device, open your web browser, and go to cat.parish.mobi.
  2. Enter the credentials your administrator provided, then click or tap Log In.
  3. Your classes display for the specified year/period.
    Web app showing the example class list for Mrs. Adler, with options for 1st Grade Formation, High School Formation- Wednesday, and Reconciliation
  4. Click or tap a class to view the class date list.
    Web app showing the example date list for the class 1st Grade Formation
  5. Click or tap a date in the list, or select a date from the calendar to view the student list for that date.
    Web app showing options for selecting a date in the list or choosing a date from the calendar
  6. Click or tap a student in the list, or select a student from the drop-down list.
    Web app showing the students in 1st Grade Formation and selecting a student from the drop-down list
  7. Make any changes for that student's attendance, then click or tap Save at the top.
    Note: Any notes you add for a student's attendance are only visible to you and app administrators. Notes are not sent back to the church and do not display on the student's record in PDS.
    CAUTION: If your church is working in the attendance process, you won't be able to save your changes until the church finishes. Please keep your browser open and active, then try to save again later.
    Web app showing attendance marked for a student in 1st Grade Formation
  8. Click or tap the white arrow to go back to your date and class lists. The date you last marked or changed attendance displays.
    Web app showing the date list for the class 1st Grade Formation, with the date and time attendance was last updated

Notify the Church of Changes

Once you mark or change attendance, you can notify the church so it can be synchronized in PDS. Even though your church may sync on a regular basis, this is a good way to ensure they know you made changes.

  1. If you're using a mobile device, click or tap Menu at the top-right.
  2. Click or tap Send Notification at the top.
  3. Click or tap Yes to send the notification.

A notification is emailed to the contact person your admin set up for this process.