Link Personnel to a Member Record

If you have personnel who are also members at your parish, you can "link" the records. That way, if you change any information on either record, it's updated on both. For example, if you change the phone number for the member, the phone number for the personnel is changed, too.

  1. On the Personnel tab, click All Personnel or the appropriate personnel section then Primary Information.
  2. Locate the appropriate personnel record.
  3. Click Link.
  4. Select the member record to link to this personnel.
  5. Select whether you want to copy the personnel data into the member record or copy the member data into the personnel record.

    If you have more information in the member record, select the Replace Personnel fields... option. If you have more information in the personnel record, select the Replace Member fields... option.

    With either option, if any of the fields you're copying from are blank, any existing data on the record will not be overwritten.

  6. When you're ready, click Use/OK.

The records are now linked. When you change information on either record, it is updated on both records. You can quickly switch between records. When you're on the personnel record, click Go to Member in the Primary Information window to view the member record. On the member record, click Go To in the Personal window.