Add Events to a Personnel Event List

If personnel plan to attend an event or class, you can add it to their Event List.
Note: Alternatively, you can add a group of participants to an event list in the Events window.
  1. On the Personnel tab, click All Personnel or the appropriate personnel section then Event List.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. If you haven't already, enter a default number of people attending events for this personnel.
    Tip: This field helps keep an accurate count when planning an event. For example, if the person usually brings their spouse to events, you would enter 2. If the person usually attends alone, you would enter 1.
  4. Above the List of Events grid, click the add icon green plus sign and enter or select the event you want to add to the personnel's list.
  5. For Num., enter the number of people the participant is bringing to the event, plus the participant. This defaults to the Default Number Attending, but you can change it for this event, if needed.
  6. Select any applicable checkboxes to indicate the participant's status.
    • Reg.—This participant is registered to attend the event/class.
    • Att.—This participant has attended the event/class.
    • Pd.—This participant has paid for the event/class.
    • Exc.—This participant is excused from the event/class.
  7. If you need to review the selected event for reference, click Load Event. This takes you to to the Details window. After viewing the event information, click the Back button to return to the Event List window.
  8. At the top, click Save.