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Combine Members

With the Combine Members process, you can combine two similar or duplicate member records into one. This is useful if you combined family records and now have the same member listed twice in a family.

  1. Back up your data.
  2. On the File menu, click System Processes > Combine Members.
  3. In the top grid, select the family that has duplicate member records.
  4. In the bottom grid, select an action to take for each member.
  5. For each member you want to combine, click Review Details Before Combining Members. The information that doesn't match between the records shows in red.
  6. Select the checkbox beside the data you want to keep. The mismatched information (the data you don't select) will be deleted.
    Note: If you need to do more research to determine what the correct information is for the family, click Print Worksheet, and come back to this process later.
  7. To combine the members into one record with the data you selected, click Combine Members.
  8. Click Yes when you're ready to combine the members.