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Add a Personnel Assignment or Affiliation

You can assign or affiliate certain positions to personnel, and enter relevant salary information and date ranges associated with that position.

  1. On the Personnel tab, click All Personnel or the appropriate personnel section then Assigned/Affiliated.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. On the Assignments/Affiliations tab, click the add icon green plus sign at the top of the grid to add a new position.
  4. Enter or select any information you want to include.
    1. Select the assignment type that fits best from the predefined list.
    2. Select a position or role for this personnel assignment. These are set up under Personnel Keywords. If this is the main job the individual performs, select Primary Assignment.
    3. Select which list(s) you want the assignment to show on.
      Note: All assignments that you have access rights to display on the All Personnel list even if you mark them for a specific list.
    4. Select the institution where the individual performs the assignment or is affiliated with. Click Load Institution to open the record in the Parishes & Facilities window. If you want to send a copy of any letters or emails to the personnel (for example, the pastor or secretary), select Include in Mail to this Inst..
    5. Enter or select the date the individual started the position and, if applicable, the date the individual left the position.
    6. Enter the email address where notifications about this assignment are sent. If the individual prefers to be notified via email instead of mail, select Email Preferred. If the address shouldn't be printed on reports, select Unlisted Email.
    7. You can select to direct mail associated with this assignment/affiliation to a different address. Select from the parish/institution address, the family's home address, or add a new address.
    8. If the individual is no longer active in the position but you don't want to delete it from the record, select Inactive. You can clear this option if you need the assignment again later.
    9. If the individual has fulfilled their duties for the assignment, select Retired when applicable.
  5. On the Salary subtab for an assignment/affiliation, enter or select any information you want to include.
    1. Select a status from the predefined list. This is used for tax purposes.
    2. Enter the hours, days, weeks, or other unit of vacation time the individual has, such as 40 hr or 2 wks. This is only used for reference in this window.
    3. Enter the number of hours per week the individual puts toward this assignment. This is only used for reference in this window.
    4. If applicable, enter the amount the individual is paid per hour. This is only used for reference in this window.
    5. Enter the total salary the individual is paid for the year. This is only used for reference in this window.
    6. If applicable, select whether a job description is available for the individual.
    7. If applicable, select whether the individual signed a contract with your organization.
  6. On the Alternate Addr. subtab for an assignment/affiliation, if the individual lives or works in another location part of the year, select the alternate address and enter the dates they will be there.
  7. On the Comments subtab for an assignment/affiliation, enter any notes about the assignment. This is only visible to staff who have proper access.
  8. On the Other Addresses tab, click the add icon green plus sign to add a new address for this person.
  9. On the Assignment Requests tab, enter any preferences this person has.
  10. At the top, click Save.