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View Contact Information on Mobile Devices

View parish family and personnel or diocesan contact information on an Android™ phone or an Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®.

Tip: To quickly open PDSMobile on your mobile device, add a bookmark on your home screen. View the documentation for your device to learn how to do this.
  1. On your mobile device, go to PDSMobile at www.parish.mobi.
  2. Enter your organization ID, which is the word "MOBILE", a dash, and your parish's site number. For example, "MOBILE-123456".
  3. Log in using the same user name and password that you use to open your PDS program. If you don't know these, contact your church administrator.
  4. Select an option to search by, then enter a name, address, or phone number. Click (Examples) to view more about the selected search option.
  5. If you expect a large number of results, you can limit the search to display the top 25 entries in each category. This can help speed up the search.
  6. Click Search In to set your search categories. These options depend on your viewing permissions. Click Search.
  7. From the search results window, tap the record you want to view.
  8. Click an email address to send email, click a phone number to call the person, or click an address to display a detailed map.
  9. Click Assignments to view assignment information.
  10. When you're finished, click Log Off.