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Data Import

If you need to move your data from point A (your old program) to point B (PDS Office program), you can use the Import Data processes.

  • We recommend that you only do this if you don't currently have records in PDS Office. Otherwise, your current records may be damaged or lost.
  • All other users must exit the program before you import data.


Your existing data must be in .csv file format. We strongly recommend that you include field names/headers in the first record of your .csv file. In all of the Import Data processes, you will select corresponding values for the PDS Office program fields. If these values are labeled with field names/headers, you can easily identify them.

CAUTION: Make sure you fully understand how to use import keys before using the import processes. See the related topic "Understanding Import Keys".

Example showing three steps; step 1: in the first record of your .csv file, use headers that describe your data; step 2: when you select the .csv file in PDS, your records display in a table, using your header information; step 3: on each tab in PDS, select the corresponding table value in each drop-down list