Automatically Promote a Class to the Next Class

CAUTION: This process alters data. We recommend backing up your data before proceeding.
With this process, you can promote all the students in one class to another class. For example, you can promote all 1st Grade Religious Education students to 2nd Grade Religious Education. You can process multiple classes at once.
Note: If you would rather promote students individually, see Post Classes or Sessions.
  1. On the Information tab, click Students > Processes then, on the Formation Processes tab, click Automatic Class/Session Promotion.
  2. Click the add icon green plus sign. Enter or select the class/session to move students from, then select the new class/session to move students into.
  3. Repeat this for each class or session you want to process.
    CAUTION: It's important to promote all classes that use this automatic posting feature at one time. For example, if the 5th grade RE class is promoted to 6th grade RE, and the 6th grade RE is not promoted to 7th grade RE, both the newly promoted class and the original class are assigned to the 6th grade RE class.
  4. Select to include only active, only inactive, or all students.
  5. Review your selections. When you're ready to move the students, click Post Classes/Sessions.