Add a New Year or Period

You can copy the information from a group of classes/sessions to use in a new year/period. Select the data to keep and what to clear out for the new year/period.
  1. On the Information tab, click Students > Processes. On the Formation Processes tab, click Add New Year/Period for Classes/Sessions.
  2. Select whether to use automatic updating or individual entry, then click Next.
  3. If you selected automatic updating: Select whether to post the new year/period for all classes or only for those you select. Click Next.

    For help with conditions, see the Additional Selections section in the topic, Report Selections.

  4. Select a new year/period and a date range for the period.
  5. Select which information you want to retain from the old year/period, or select the Blank options to leave that data empty for the new year. Click Next.
  6. To create a list of dates when the class does not meet, click Insert and enter a date and note. Click Next.
  7. If you selected individual entry: Select a class, and click Add Class to List. Repeat this for each class you want to add to the new year/period. When you're finished, click Next.
  8. Review your list. When you're ready to add the selected classes to the new year/period, click Next.
  9. To add the new year/period, click Finish.