Invite Administrators

After you've set up Parish Life, invite yourself and any other administrators who will be using Parish Life. This way, you can take a look around and make sure everything is ready for parishioners.

Administrators can see all parishioner data, even the information parishioners mark as "Private". This includes all names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. Make sure the admins you invite should be allowed to view this information.

  1. On the Information tab, click Parish Life.
  2. Select Email Invitation, select Administrators, then select Send Email. Click Next.
  3. Click the add icon green plus sign above the grid, and enter the administrator's information. Or, click Use Member to select a member or personnel from your data.
  4. Select whether this admin has edit or view-only rights to member information.
  5. Select whether this admin has view rights or no access to member giving information.

    Admins with view rights can see a family's contribution totals and each contribution, including dates, types, check numbers, and amounts.

  6. When you're ready to send the invitations, click Send.

An email is sent to each admin that includes instructions on creating their password and logging in to Parish Life.

After you've invited them, admins can create a password and log in to the portal. There, they can view parishioner information and edit their own information.