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Track Mass Attendance

With the Mass Attendance process, you can keep a record of information regarding Mass or other services that occur at your organization.
Note: By default, the Name for Meetings field is set to "Mass" and the Name for Checkbox field is set to "Choir". In the Mass Attendance window, you can change the meeting name to represent the types of meeting that you want to track, and you can change the checkbox name to match your needs.
  1. On the File menu, click System Processes > Mass Attendance.
  2. Click the add icon green plus sign above the grid.
  3. Enter the attendance information. The Total Attendance, Adult Attendance, and Child Attendance fields are optional.
  4. Click Save/OK.
  5. When you track attendance, you generally need a way to produce the results to share with board members or others.
    1. Before creating a graph or printing statistics, click Filter List to only display the meetings you need.
    2. If needed, click Show Graph to see a visual representation of the selected attendance. Click Show List to go back to the list.
    3. If needed, click Print List to print the date, time, name, total attendance, adult attendance, child attendance, celebrant, checkbox, and total collection for the selected mass.
    4. If needed, click Print Statistics to print the monthly statistics, including the month, total attendance of adults and children, average attendance of adults and children, total collection, and average collection.