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Mark School or Daycare Records

Decide whether each checkbox displays on family and/or member windows in the Initial Setup window.
CAUTION: If you display these checkboxes on both family and member records, note that:
  • You can mark a family without affecting its members. But if you clear the checkbox for a family, any marked members are automatically cleared.
  • When you mark a member, the family is automatically marked. But when you clear a member, the family is not automatically cleared.
  • If you don't have school or daycare programs, you can rename these checkboxes for your purposes in the Initial Setup window.
  • If needed, you can restrict access to School or Daycare records to certain program users.
  • You can include or exclude School and/or Daycare records in reports on the Selection Information tab.

If you have an affiliated school or daycare, you can mark those records to easily identify them. You can mark a member record, family record, or both.

  1. Locate the appropriate record.
  2. In the top-right corner, select School and/or Daycare depending on the family's or individual's involvement.
  3. At the top, click Save.
  4. If needed, mark the checkbox for any family members.

Watch & Learn

Learn to track records for your School or Daycare program using the School and Daycare checkboxes — or redefine the checkboxes for your purposes! 4 min 14 sec

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