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Church Office User Guide

The PDS Church Office user guide contains the following sections. Click a heading or use the navigation menu to learn more about a topic.

Get Started

Get started with your program. Learn about basic features, how to navigate, and how to customize the program to suit your needs.


Manage information about families in your parish. View each family's status, addresses, pictures, financial activity, and more.


Manage information about members in your parish. View information specific to an individual as well as information about his or her family.

Funds and Contributions

Track donations, gifts, pledges, payments, charges, refunds, and more. Customize funds and assign them to families.

Sacramental Registers

Locate, view, manage, and print member sacrament records.
Note: To use the feature, you must purchase it by calling 1-800-892-5202. Find out more about Sacramental Registers.


Create and print reports, Easy Lists, letters, envelopes, and more. Learn how to use the Selection window, and manage report styles and settings.