Reminders, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Name Days

You can set up reminders that display when you open the program. These can be public for all users or private to you if users are set up in the program.

On the Home Screen, click Show Reminders to view the list. Click the other tabs to see birthdays and anniversaries. If you use the Orthodox version of Church Office, you'll also see a tab for name days. Click Manage Reminders to add, edit, delete, and mark reminders complete. You can also print letters, labels, and envelopes for birthdays, anniversaries, and name days.

Password Protecting Reminders

If you don't have users set up in the program, anyone with access to the program can add, edit, and delete public reminders.

If you do have users set up in the program, the administrator can set access privileges for those who can manage public reminders. In Access and Privileges, under Setup Options, select an option for Public Reminders.
  • "All" access allows the user to add, edit, and delete public reminders.
  • "View" allows them only to see the public reminders.
  • If "None" is selected, the user will not be able to see any public reminders.

Anyone can add, edit, and delete their own private reminders, and these don't display for any other users.

Completing Reminders

Once you're finished with a reminder, select Completed. You'll see "Completed" next to it until the last day of the reminder. After that, it's removed from the list.

Reminders are also removed from the list one month after the last day you set, whether or not you mark them completed.

Reminders Field Information

Manage Reminders

Only users with certain access privileges will see this button.


Completed Select to mark a reminder as completed. "Completed" will display next to the reminder until the last day; then, it's removed from the list.

Display Date

This date controls what displays for the reminder in the list. For example, if the reminder is of an event, this date should be the date that the event is actually happening.

If the display date is yesterday's date, the list displays "<Reminder> is yesterday." If the display date is today, it says "<Reminder> is today." If it's a future date, it displays "<Reminder> is <#> days away."

Reminder Name

Enter a short name for the reminder, up to 50 characters. On the display date you set, the reminder will display like this: "<Reminder Name> is today." So if you enter a Reminder Name of "Fr. John's birthday", it displays as "Fr. John's birthday is today."


Enter any additional information needed for the reminder. You have a lot of room here, so enter as much as you'd like. Note that this description displays beneath your Reminder Name in the list.

First Day of Reminder

Reminders will start showing up on your list starting on this date. It can be the same as the display date or a date before that. For example, in the case of an event reminder, you may want to start seeing the reminder ahead of actual event.

Last Day of Reminder

Reminders are removed from the list one month after this date. This can be the same as the display date or a date after that.