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Abundant for PDS Church Office

Your one-stop-shop for all Abundant resources.

With our eGiving solution, Abundant, you can accept collections and appeals through online, mobile, and text giving. All donation and payment processing services through Abundant integrate seamlessly with PDS Church Office. Here are some resources to help you succeed.

Help Topics


Abundant Overview

Learn all about our eGiving solution and the integration with your PDS Office product. 14 min 35 sec

Getting Started with Abundant

Learn how to choose a text keyword, enable the processing cost feature, set up eGiving in PDS, and complete the initial setup of your Abundant site. 5 min 30 sec

Abundant Giving Forms

Learn how to customize your giving forms to have a unique look and tailored messaging for your parish's activities and appeals. 5 min 3 sec

Abundant Administrative Features

Learn about the administrative features that help you manage your donations, like contributing on behalf of a parishioner, viewing scheduled gifts and pending transactions, and seeing deposited batches. 2 min 6 sec

Import Abundant Contributions

Learn how to import parishioner donations from Abundant into PDS. 1 min 18 sec