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View Statistics on the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a customizable, statistics-at-a-glance feature where you can readily track the data that most interests you.

  1. On the Information tab, click Dashboard > Dashboard Display.
  2. To view the latest data, click Update Statistics.
  3. You can customize the information you see on the dashboard. On the Information tab, click Dashboard > Dashboard Setup.
  4. Click Add Section. Select the options you want, and click Save.
  5. To filter based on family ID, click in the Family ID Filter field at the bottom, and enter the ID numbers for the records you want to display for this section. Click Save.
    Tip: Use commas between the numbers. For a range of numbers, use a colon. For example, to display records for families with IDs between 500 and 1000, enter 500:1000.
    Note: There are two fields to keep in mind when generating the Family Count Graph:
    • Inactive families are excluded from the count.
    • The Date Registered must be any date before today. For example, if you entered a future Date Registered because the family is joining the following Sunday, that family will be excluded from the Family Count because that date hasn't occurred yet.