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Invite People to Parish Life

Who you invite to use Parish Life is completely up to you. You may choose to use the portal internally or roll it out to the laity.
Tip: Check out our Rollout Resources for a guide and materials to help introduce Parish Life to your parishioners.
Parish Life for Internal UseParish Life for the Laity
Invite only parish personnel, like pastors and ministers.Invite personnel and parishioners.
Personnel can view parishioner contact info without requiring access to PDS.Parishioners can update their own info without needing to contact the parish.

Depending on how you want to use Parish Life, you can invite people as either members or administrators.
  • Members/Personnel can view and edit all information on their own profiles. They can see the contact information of other parishioners who have chosen to share it in the Parish Directory. Members cannot view other parishioners' giving history or private information. Members are most likely going to be your parishioners and any parish personnel who don't need rights to edit member information.
  • Administrators can view and edit all information for all members, even the information they mark as "Private". This includes all names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays. Admins can also see all parishioner giving history.