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Update Parish Information in Parish Life

Parishioners can view parish contact information in Parish Life on mobile devices. You can add your parish's website, address, phone number, and email address for members to view and use.

You can upload other information during this process, but this procedure focuses on updating the parish information.

  1. On the Information tab, click Parish Life.
  2. Select Upload Member Information, and click Next.
  3. Select Upload Changes and at least one upload option. If you just need to update parish information, select an option for data you've already uploaded, such as keywords, to continue with the process.
  4. Click Next through the process until you reach the last window.
  5. Edit your parish contact information, or click Use Information from License Screen to pull in that data. If you don't want a certain field to display in Parish Life, you can leave it blank.
    Note: This information displays in Parish Life for members to call or email, so make sure the parish staff answering are able to handle questions about the portal.
  6. When you're ready, click Upload.

Parish contact information displays to members in Parish Life. They can click the website link to visit your parish's website, click the address to view a map, click the phone number to call from their device, or click the email address to open their email application.