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Sync with Parish Life

Note: This page details administrative tasks in PDS. For steps on using Parish Life, see the Parish Life Admin Guide or the Parish Life User Guide.
Parish Life is a resource you and your parishioners can use to view certain information on mobile devices.
  • Administrators can upload information from PDS to Parish Life. This can include member contact information, Mass times, giving history, and more.
  • Parishioners and non-administrative personnel can update their information, view other parishioners' contact information (if they've allowed it to be shared), select which Mass times to attend, and see their own giving history for the funds you select.
  • If parishioners or personnel update their information, you can pull in the changes and select whether to update the records in PDS.

Image showing the process of syncing with Parish Life: The latest parishioner data is copied from Church Office records to Parish Life, then your parishioners can view and edit their information. Suggested changes from parishioners can be pulled into Church Office, and you choose to accept or reject them.

Here's what you can do to set up and update Parish Life. If you're looking to get started quickly, see our Parish Life Quick Start Guide.

Getting Started

Updating Information

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