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Print Event Badges

With this process, you can print badges for event or class attendees and the responsible pickup people.

  1. If this is your first time setting up an event to track, select Arrival and Create a New Event. Otherwise, select Arrival, Select an Existing Event, and select your event in the grid. Then, click Next.
  2. Select whether to add a group of members using automatic updating or individual entry.
  3. Select whether to post member attendance.
  4. If you're creating a new event, enter the name and date.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Add the members you want to include in the event, then click Next.
  7. If you are expecting visitors who are not in your database, enter a number for Num of Visitors at the bottom-right of the window. You can then add their information in the grid, if needed.
  8. Select Print Badge for each member and visitor you want to print a badge for.
    Note: The badge words are useful for easily identifying people, especially if you have a large group. You can sort by badge word or by name when marking arrival and departure.
  9. Click Print Badges, and complete the print wizard.
  10. When you're finished printing badges, click Finish Later.

Once the event or class starts, you can mark off attendees as they arrive and then when they're picked up. Optionally, you can post attendance for the event or class.