Create a Memorial for a Deceased Non-Member

Before creating memorials, you must define a sacrament as "Memorial".

You can enter memorial information for people who aren't members of your parish, such as relatives of parishioners.

  1. On the Information tab, click Members > Processes > Memorial for Deceased Non-Member.
  2. Enter or select the person's name and gender, then click Next.
    Note: Click Show/Maintain Non-Member List if you need to view or manage existing names.
  3. Enter information about the deceased person and the next of kin contact. Click Next.
  4. Enter memorial fund information, and add any donors who contribute to the fund. Click Next.
  5. Proceed through the next windows to print the Thank You letters and Next of Kin letters. After you print, click Next.
  6. If you want to export your memorial fund totals, select the option and enter the file path.
  7. Click Finish to post the memorial information.

The deceased person is automatically added to the [LooseMemorial family record. If you need to edit their information, you can do so from that family record or in the memorial process.