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View and Modify Batches

You can view batches of contributions, make changes to a batch, and reprint batch reports.

Note: Batches that were created in another PDS program may show up in your list if you have access to those funds. Likewise, some entries may not show up if they were added in another program. You must go to the other program to make changes to that batch.
  1. On the Information tab, click Contributions > Processes > View Batches.
    All of your financial batches display in the top grid.
  2. To quickly locate a certain batch, enter the batch number in the Go To Batch field and press Enter.
  3. Click Filter/Search to locate a batch by fund number, year, date, activity, ID, name, amount, or check number.
    • Filter the List—Use the filter to see only the results you want in the list. Clear the filter to see your list of batches again.
    • Search in the List—Use this option to "jump" to a certain batch. You'll continue to see your list of batches, but your cursor moves to the batch you're looking for. If multiple batches match your search, this works like the filter and only shows those results in the list.
  4. Click a batch in the top grid to view the details in the bottom grid. You can view payments and fees as well as terms and rates on the tabs.
  5. If you need to make changes to a batch, click it in the top grid, then click Modify Batch at the bottom.
    1. On the tabs, click the add icon green plus sign to add an entry, or select the entry to remove and click the delete icon red minus sign.
    2. You can also make any necessary changes in the grid.
    3. When you're finished, click Post Changes.
    4. Before changes are posted, you're prompted to leave an audit trail.
      Note: If you click Yes, the change(s) will be recorded in the User Log, and the transaction will show "Mistake" in the Check column for the old transaction. You can view the Comment column for more information on the batch change. Mistake entries are not included in the batch's total amount; they are simply kept for reference.
  6. The batch report prints after you post a batch or if you click Print Batch Summary. If you need to reprint it, select the batch in the top grid, then click Reprint Batch Report at the bottom.