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Record a Family's Contribution

You can record a single contribution made by a family.
Note: If you want to record contributions for multiple families, you should use quick postings.
  1. On the Information tab, click Contributions > Rates/History/Keywds.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. Click the button beside Funds Used, and select the fund.

    Funds Used drop-down list showing example funds, "1 Church Contributions", "4 Pledge Drive", "6 Stewardship", and "9 Extra Contributions"
  4. If the fund you want isn't in the list, click Add Fund at the top, and select the fund.
  5. Enter the information associated with the contribution in the bottom grid.
    1. Select up to two keywords associated with the family's funds.
    2. Click Fund Comment to add any comments about the family's funds. For example, if a family is unable to complete their pledge due to a death in the family, you can note that on their record. An asterisk (*) displays on the button to indicate that a comment has been entered.
    3. In the grid at the bottom, each posting entry displays in date order. Click the add icon green plus sign to add postings directly to the grid. Click Write Off to post an amount to a fund when the amount is considered uncollectible. To do this, you must first add a Write-Off activity to this fund in the Fund Setup window.
    4. Select C/O a Member and select a member to print that member's name under the family name in the address on statements.
  6. If you need to set up a recurring charge term and rate for the family, click Show Rates then click the add icon green plus sign.
    • Recurring Act—Charge activity used to post the amounts due.
      Note: You can use Charge, Credit, and Payment activities when setting up terms and rates. On the File menu, click Setup > Initial Setup. In the Program Options section, select Rate can be Charges or Payments.
    • Terms—Length of time that the family or member plans to make payments. For example: weekly, monthly, or annually.
    • Billing Period—Length of time that the family or member is pledging for. This must be equal to or shorter than the fund period.
    • Rate—Amount the family or member pledges each term. For example, $50 per month. If you enter the Term, Billing Period, and Total, this field is automatically calculated.
    • Total—Total that the family or member pledges for the fund period. If you enter the Term, Billing Period, and Rate, this field is automatically calculated.
    • Associate with Member—Designate which member is responsible for this term and rate.
    • Using eGiving (EFT)—Indicate the family wants this pledge payment automatically drafted from their checking or savings account. Click EFT Info to enter account information.
  7. At the top, click Save.