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Development Funds

In the Development Funds section, you can track donations, gifts, pledges, miscellaneous payments, charges, refunds, and more. You can customize funds, create your own groups and names for fund activities, and define fund periods and customize recurring charges. For more information, see Notes About Setting Up Funds.

Fund Filter

You can view all the families or institutions that use a specific fund. In the navigation pane of either the Families window or the Parishes & Facilities window, click Rates/History/Keywds then Fund Filter. Once you look up a fund, scroll through the records to view all the associated records. The filter you use remains enabled until you click Fund Filter again, then Clear Filter.

Setup and Usage Reports

You can print a report that shows how a single fund or all of your funds are set up. On the Diocese tab, click Development Funds > Fund Activities. Then click Print in the navigation pane.

The usage report prints which records are using which fund activities. These reports contain statistical information that can help you determine if an activity is rarely used or not used at all. On the Diocese tab, click Development Funds > Fund Activities > Usage Reports.

Assigning Funds

Once you set up funds, use the Families window to assign funds to families or use the Parishes & Facilities window to assign funds to parishes/facilities. You can set up special rates, fees, or billing periods based on the particular needs of each family or parish/facility.

First, you must set up a fund for each transaction category. For example, you can set up a fund for building repairs and one for fund-raising events. Within each fund, you can track individual posting activities, such as offerings, Christmas, pledge payments, or service hours.