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Track Volunteer Hours

Some families donate time by volunteering, but this isn't the same as a non-cash contribution because time isn't a tangible object. For those funds where families donate time, you can create a group called "Volunteer Hours".

Like a pledge or fee group, it has a charge, payment, and balance, but it also has specialized activity types, including Hours Pledged, Hours Completed, and Hours Remaining.

Note: You must set up the following activities for the fund/group: Hours Pledged, Hours Completed, and Hours Remaining.
  1. On the Information tab, click Contributions > Rates/History/Keywds.
  2. Locate the appropriate record.
  3. For the recurring act, select Hours Pledged.
  4. Select the terms you want. Then, either enter a rate (the number of hours the family volunteers per term), or enter a total (the total number of hours the family volunteers).
    Note: Even though a dollar sign automatically displays when you enter a rate or total, you can treat these fields as units of time.
  5. As the family completes their hours each term, post an entry with the activity of Completed Hours.
    The Recap/Totals window displays the Hours Remaining. Under Totals Through Today, the paid amount is zero, indicating that these are hours, not dollars.