Payroll End of Year

Before you close a payroll year, you must verify paycheck totals with the QTD & YTD totals and print the annual reports for each employer. Use the payroll Affordable Care Act Proof List report to check employee information before filing.

If you use Payroll, you can process reports and tax forms each year. The totals on the yearly reports and tax forms are from the employee's QTD & YTD Totals window.

  1. On the Transactions tab, click End of Period > Payroll End of Year.
  2. Select an employer to print on the reports.
  3. On the Processes & Reports tab, select how to display Social Security numbers on the reports.
  4. Click Test Totals to print a report comparing totals from paychecks with totals in the QTD & YTD Totals window. For more information, see Test Paycheck Totals.
  5. Click the report(s) to print.
  6. On the Tax Forms tab, click the forms to print.
    • Set Up and Print W-2s & W-3—Set up and print W-2s for non-contract employees. If you file online, you can export W-2 information electronically.
    • Set Up and Print 1096 & 1099s—Set up and print 1099s for contract employees.
    • Print 1094-B & 1095-B—Print ACA forms 1094-B and 1095-B if you have fewer than 50 full-time employees.
    • Print 1094-C & 1095-C—Print ACA forms 1094-C and 1095-C if you have 50 or more full-time employees.
    • Print 944—Print Form 944 only if you're instructed to do so by the IRS.
  7. After you print all reports, you can close the calendar year from the Processes & Reports tab.
    1. Select Copy Employer Benefits to copy the employee's benefits (provided by the employer) to the new calendar year.
    2. Select Copy Personal Activities to copy the employee's personal activities to the new calendar year.
    3. Select Copy Affordable Care Act to copy the employee's ACA information to the new calendar year.
  8. If you want to overwrite any existing Affordable Care Act information, select that option.
  9. Click Close Calendar Year for Payroll.
  10. Click Yes to create a backup.
  11. To advance the calendar year, click Yes.