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Print 1099s for Vendors

Note: The following information applies to the Ledger program. For information on setting up and printing 1099 forms in Payroll, see Print 1099s for Employees.
Vendors must have a 1099 to submit to the IRS. Before you print 1099s, make sure:
  • You've selected an option for the 1099 Box on the vendor's record and entered a breakdown in the Alter Totals window, if needed.
  • Your license information is correct. Your organization name and address prints on the 1099, and your phone, fax, and email address print on the 1096 summary.
  1. On the Transactions tab, click End of Period > Close Period.
  2. Determine whether you need to print 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC forms.
    Note: Vendors who have NEC (non-employee compensation) amounts should receive a 1099-NEC. Vendors with any other amounts should receive a 1099-MISC. Vendors with both amounts should get both forms.
  3. If you want to verify that vendor totals are correct before printing, select Check for Discrepancies in Vendor Totals below the appropriate form option.
  4. Click Set Up and Print Vendor 1099-MISC Forms or Set Up and Print Vendor 1099-NEC Forms.
  5. If you ran vendor totals verification, a list displays with any discrepancies. Review these and make any necessary changes in the Vendors Detail window. Once you've done this, run the 1099 process again until no discrepancies are found, then click Close.
  6. Select any options you want.
    • Print All Vendors That Have "Vendor Receives a 1099" Selected—Print 1099s for vendors with the Vendor Receives a 1099 checkbox selected in the Tax Information window.
    • How Many Separate Runs Must Be Made—Enter the number of copies of the 1099 to print.
    • Print prefix "DBA" where applicable—Prints "DBA" before the vendor name on the 1099 if they do business under a different name. Any variation you've used in your vendor records ("Dba", "dba", "d.b.a.", and so on) is printed as "DBA" to comply with the universal form allowance.
    • Use Calendar YTD amount—Prints the Calendar YTD total for both federal and state amounts instead of the breakdown of the vendor's alter totals. This does not apply to the Universal 1099 or the Tax E-File option with Nelco. Those always use the breakdown totals.
  7. Click Print 1099s.
  8. Place the 1099 forms in the printer, then click OK.
  9. Preview and print the forms.
  10. The 1096 Transmittal Summary form prints after the 1099s. Place the blank form in the printer, then click OK.
  11. Preview and print the form.
  12. When you're finished, click Close.