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Tax E-File

We partner with Nelco, a tax form vendor, so that you can electronically file your 941/944s, 1099s, W-2s, and Affordable Care Act forms. This is an optional service, offered at additional cost. On the Transactions tab, click End of Period > Tax E-File.
Note: Processes and options in this window depend on whether you have Payroll installed.

Learn About Tax E-File

If you have not filed electronically before, take the time to learn about this process by clicking the Learn About PDS Tax E-File link. The Tax E-File feature is offered at an additional cost. Pricing depends on what and the amount of information you're filing.

Account Setup

Before you can e-file tax forms, you must set up an account with Nelco. In the Tax E-File window, on the General Information tab, click PDS Tax E-File Account Setup, enter information in the fields, and click OK. You'll receive a confirmation email. You can also request an e-filing PIN in Account Setup. You must have a PIN in order to e-file your 941/944 forms.
Note: The user name used to obtain the account PIN is tied to that PIN. If you create a new user account, you must request a new PIN.

Launch the Dashboard

After you set up an account, click Launch the PDS Tax E-File Dashboard on the General Information tab to view the status of your account. A webpage loads in your default Internet browser where you can view and submit all final copies of your forms, check the status of previously-filed forms, print reports, review filing instructions, verify pricing, submit a support request, or access documentation.