Payroll End of Month

If you use Payroll, you can process reports each month. The totals in the these reports are taken directly from employee paychecks. In contrast, totals in the quarterly and yearly process reports are taken from QTD/YTD totals windows.

Note: You can process these reports at any time and for any time period.
  1. On the Transactions tab, click End of Period > Payroll End of Month.
  2. Select the date range. By default, this range is the current fiscal month, but you can change it to any range of dates.
  3. Select an employer to print on the reports.
  4. Select how you want Social Security numbers to display on the reports.
  5. Select the report(s) to print.
    • Print Salary Statement for Period—Print earning and deduction totals for each check.
    • Print Tax Liability for Period—Print a record of federal, state, and local tax liability.
    • Print Benefit Plan Totals—In the Plan Percent of Total Compensation field, enter the percent of employee's gross wages that can be given to a selected plan. This prints a report of the total benefits given to employees as recorded on paychecks for the selected time period. The amount to be paid by the employer, which should total the percentage of gross, also prints.
  6. After you process all monthly reports, you can close the period.