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License and Registration Information

You can view and edit information about your program license and registration. On the File menu, click Setup > License Information.

Tip: If you contact PDS Customer Support, have your site number or registration code available.

In the License Information window, you'll see the licensee name, site number, and registration code, along with your organization's address and other contact information. Information entered here can be used when you print reports.

You can use the Diocese/Archdiocese or Metropolis field to associate your location with its diocese or archdiocese for program registration purposes. Click the drop-down arrow to view a predefined list of dioceses and archdioceses. Click the Configure button, located to the right of the drop-down list, to determine which selections display in the list.

Social Media

Use the social media buttons to include your parish's Facebook, Twitter, or blog page. These fields can be used in letters and other reports. Enter the complete webpage address including "http://". Once the webpage address is added, click one of the icons to open that social media page for your parish.

social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, and a blog