Customize the Program

You can customize program settings and create lists to store information for your organization. These settings are saved in three different ways.

All users on the network share the following settings:
  • License information, such as the name and address of the organization
  • Security method, including passwords and user names
  • Automatic backup options, such as the drive letter, and automatic backup settings
  • Report information, which is saved individually for each report, including report names and descriptions
  • Facility feature names
  • Event calendar names
  • The option to overlap setup/cleanup times without reporting a conflict
  • The option to use charges
  • Default start and end time used when scheduling and viewing the daily calendar
  • The default day of the week calendars begin
  • Report selections and styles
The following settings are saved on each computer:
  • Screen settings
  • Grid settings
  • Report settings, including the printer, paper size, paper source, orientation, letterhead style, margin, and gray heading
  • Auto-spell in the report editor
  • Show paragraph and space markers in the report editor
The following settings are saved to each user's name:
  • User names, passwords, and access privileges, including security and administrator access
  • Use the name breakdown method to enter names
  • Time display interval for viewing the Daily Calendar
  • The method used to handle events connected to a group facility when viewing calendars
  • The option to display reminders when requirements are not met