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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through your program. When you press Alt on your keyboard, notice the letters that display above each tab. Press the letter of the section you want to go to. Use the arrow keys to navigate drop-down lists and menu items. Press Enter to select a highlighted menu item.

You can perform actions in the program using the following key combinations.

Key CombinationAction
Alt + NMoves to the next record
Alt + PMoves to the previous record
Alt + QDisplays the Quick Lookup dialog box
Alt + SSaves your edits and selections
Alt + down arrowOpens the selected drop-down list
Alt + F4Closes the active window
Ctrl + CCopies the selected text
Ctrl + FOpens the search box, if it's available for the window you're in
Ctrl + KOpens the calculator
Ctrl + PPrints the current window
Ctrl + VPastes copied or cut text
Ctrl + XCuts the selected text
Ctrl + YOpens the Year-at-a-Glance calendar
Ctrl + ZReverts your last edit

You can navigate the program using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Navigation KeysMoves Insertion PointCtrl + Key Moves
Left arrowLeft one character or unitLeft one word or larger unit
Right arrowRight one character or unitRight one word or larger unit
Up arrowUp one line or unitUp one larger unit
Down arrowDown one line or unitDown one larger unit
HomeBeginning of a lineBeginning of the data
EndEnd of a lineEnd of the data
TabNext field---
Shift + TabReverse tab order---
PgUpUp one window at a time---
PgDnDown one window at a time---

In any full date field (MM/DD/YYYY), you can use the following key commands.

Key CommandAction
TInserts today's date
- (dash) or _ (underscore)Go back one day
+ (plus) or = (equal sign)Go forward one day
Note: This feature is only available in PDS Version 11. For more on upgrading, see Upgrade to the Latest Version.

In any amount or total field, you can use the following key commands.

Key CommandAction
+ (plus)Opens the calculator