Print Checks for Invoices

You can:
  • Select invoices for payment
  • Select the cash account, check date, and check layout of the check
  • Print the checks
  • Void or reissue the checks
  • Print the check register and other reports
  1. On the Transactions tab, click Expenses > Print Checks for Invoices.
  2. In the Print Checks grid, select the invoices you want to mark for payment.
    Note: All selected invoices are paid from the same cash account. If multiple invoices are selected for payment for the same vendor, they are consolidated into one check by default.
  3. Select a cash account that you want to pay invoices with, and click Print Checks.
  4. Select the cash account, check layout style, and print order, then click Print Checks.
    CAUTION: If you have more invoices than can fit on the check stub, the program continues the list of invoices on the next check.
  5. If you need to reprint a check, click Reprint/Void Checks. You can change the check layout style if you want to change how the first checks look.
  6. If you need to print any of the listed reports, click the button for it.
  7. After you print all checks that pay the selected invoices, click Finished.

The invoices display in the Paid Invoices window, the cash account is credited, other accounts are updated, and the checks are voided or validated.

Checks for Invoices Field Information

Separate Check

If multiple invoices are selected for payment for the same vendor, they are consolidated into one check by default. If you want to print a separate check for each invoice, select the checkbox in the Separate Check column.

Load Invoice

View the Invoices window, where you can edit the invoice or authorize it for payment.

Check Date

Select the date to display on all checks. After the check is written, you can only change the date if you void and reissue the check.

Check Layout Style

Click Edit Style to create or modify the paycheck and stub styles. For more information, see Set the Check Layout.

Void a Check

Void a Check Void a check without reprinting it. The invoice goes back into the list of unpaid invoices.

Print Batch Report

Print a report of all checks and transactions included in the batch. You can also print this report in the View Paid Invoice Batches window.

Print Account Summary

Print a report of all accounts used in the distributions of invoices paid in this batch. For more information, see View Paid Invoice Batches.

Print EFT Payments

Print a report of all invoices selected as EFT payments in the batch.

Print Positive Pay Report

Create a file that can be used by Positive Pay to verify checks. You can set up multiple banks/accounts. The first one you set up is the Default account. To set up another bank/account, click Add New in the Choose Account drop-down list. Enter the name, and enter the Positive Pay Settings for that bank/account.