Program Icons

Viewing Characteristics

Within the program, these icons indicate different characteristics of families and individuals.

piece of paper outlined in blue with gray linesThe family or individual has something entered for confidential remarks.
red flagThe individual has something entered for special circumstances.
yellow flower with red centerThe individual has a different last name than the family.

Visibility in Other PDS Programs

If you share a database with another PDS Office program, some members can be added and made visible in that program.

white plus sign in a blue squareYou can add this family's record in Church Office.
Church Office logoThe family or individual also exists in Church Office.
blue book with the letters A B C on itThe individual is a student in School Office.
red appleThe individual is a teacher in School Office.
white doveThe individual is a catechist in Formation Office.
blue book with a cross on itThe individual is a student in Formation Office.