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Log of User Activity

The Log of User Activity records the date, time, and user name associated with certain changes made in the program. This allows you to see what changes have been made in the program. If the program administrator doesn't require a user name to enter the program, the name displays as "PDS User".

On the Administration tab, click View User Log. To reorder the log, use the Order By drop-down list. To print a report of activity, click Log Report.

Filtering the Log

You can filter the log using the options at the top to view all logged items, only changed items, or only deleted items. To see these, you must select Ask for Reason on Significant Changes in the Initial Setup window.

To search for a specific log entry, click Filter. Enter the user name, activity performed, or program name you want to find. To search for results within a specific date range or date/time range, select the option and enter the values. Click Filter/OK. Your filter is applied until you click Clear Filter.

Note: You must enter the value exactly as it appears in the log. For example, to find entries where a member's name was changed, enter "Member name changed". If you enter "changed member name", no log entries are found.

Deleting Log Entries

Administrators can click Delete Log Entries to delete log entries before a specified date. In the Delete Entries Before field, enter a cut-off date, or click the calendar icon red outline of a box with dots inside to select a date. All entries prior to the date entered are deleted when you click Yes.

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Learn to log the reason for significant changes in the User Log, along with when it was done and by whom. 5 min 19 sec

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