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Customize Text, Buttons, and Sounds

You can change the way text and buttons look and whether sounds play at certain times.

  1. On the Quick Access toolbar, click the My Settings icon blue outline of computer monitor.
  2. On the All Screens tab, under the Special Effects section, select the options you want.
    • Fade Text on Screens that are Not Active—When selected, inactive windows located behind active windows display grayed out.
    • Animate Hover Over Tabs and Buttons—When selected, the color of a tab or button gradually changes when you hover over it.
    • Use New Method to do Screen Maximize—If you use OnDemand, select this option to maximize your window and still view OnDemand messages.
    • Sound When Messages Pop Up—Select a sound to play when messages display in the program. To hear the sound, click Test.
  3. Click Save/OK.