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Customize Program Colors

You can change the background and colors that display in your program.

  1. On the Quick Access toolbar, click the My Settings icon blue outline of computer monitor.
  2. On the All Screens tab, under the Color/Background section, select one of the program color schemes from the Color Scheme drop-down list.
    Tip: Select the Few Colors color scheme if your computer has only 256 colors available.
  3. Or, you can create your own color scheme.
    1. Click Adjust Colors.
    2. Click Add New Color Scheme.
    3. In the left pane, change the colors for various parts of your program windows. A preview of your changes displays in the right pane.
    4. Select any other options you want. We recommend selecting Office 2019 Style and White Background for a cleaner, more modern look.
    5. Once the color scheme looks good to you, click Save/OK.
  4. Click Save/OK.