Mark Parish Life Personnel

With this quick posting, you can set the Parish Life checkbox for multiple personnel records. This checkbox is located in the Primary Information window and indicates whether a personnel's information has been uploaded to Parish Life.
  1. On the Information tab, click Personnel > Quick Posting > Parish Life.
  2. Select whether to use automatic updating or individual entry, then click Next.
  3. Select which type of personnel to post for, and click Next.
    Note: To post the Parish Life checkbox to all sections, select All Personnel. If you select a type other than All Personnel, the checkbox is only posted for that type. For example, if you select Catechist, and the person you want to update is both a catechist and volunteer, the checkbox is only posted in the Catechist section. Their Volunteer record is not updated.
  4. If you selected automatic updating:
    1. Make selections to build your list of records to process, then click Next.
    2. To set the Parish Life checkbox differently for each person, select the first option. Or, to set the same value for your entire list, select the second option, and select or clear the checkbox. Click Next.
  5. If you selected individual entry:
    1. Select or clear the checkbox, select a person, and click Add Personnel to List.
    2. Repeat this for each record you want to process. When you're finished, click Next.
  6. Review your list. If needed, select or clear the Parish Life checkbox. When you're ready to post to the selected records, click Next.
  7. To post, click Finish.