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Personnel Keywords

Use these keywords on personnel records.

Achievement Types

Awards and merits that personnel receive. You can add these on personnel records. For example: "Outstanding Leadership Award" and "Teacher of the Year".

Clergy/Other Keywords

Any information you want to track for clergy or other personnel that isn't covered by existing fields, like "Parish Council" and "Haiti Visit Member".

Department Types

Departments that your employees work in, such as "Church", "School", and "Maintenance".

Education Types

Types of education that personnel have, like "Ph.D." and "Microsoft MVP".

Personnel Keywords

Any information that isn't covered by existing personnel fields. For example: "Youth Group Chaperon", and "Needs Physical Assistance".

Personnel Types

Designations of personnel, such as "Bishop", "Friar", and "Part Time".


Positions for personnel assignments, like "Manager" and "Assistant".