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Family/Fund Keywords

Use these keywords on family and contribution records.

Family Keyword Names

Terms that aren't covered by the existing family fields but you want to keep track of. For example: "Founding Family" and "Active in Block Watch".

Family Status Names

Relationships of the family members in a particular household, like "Multigenerational Family", "Blended Family", and "Relatives". This is called Status on records.

Family User

Most use this to identify which parish a family belongs to, but you can use it for your needs. Select to use this field for Church (referring to the program, Church Office) to display it on the family's Primary Information window (beneath the Geog. Area field).

Fund Keywords

Descriptions of how families handle their funds, such as "Canceled Enrollment", "Non-Contributing Parish", and "Contributes Once Per Year". You can post fund keywords to the Rates/History/Keywds window.