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General Keywords

Use these keywords for general information.

Background Check Descriptions

Types of background checks you conduct for employees and volunteers, like "Employment Background", "Federal Background", and "Fingerprints". You can include the number of months the background check is valid before renewal is required.

City/State Names

Cities/states, country codes, area codes, and ZIP/Postal codes you can use in address fields. The Default City/State you select is automatically inserted when you click or tab to a blank City/State field.

Email Description Names

Types of email addresses used by families, members, and personnel. For example: "Personal" and "Work".

Ethnicity Names

Race, origin, or culture, such as "Native American", "Jewish", and "Asian".

Grades and Degrees

Grade levels and types of degrees you can post to individuals' records, like "Kindergarten", "3", "GED", and "Ph.D.".

Language Names

Languages spoken by members and personnel. For example: "English" for a single language household, and "Spanish/English" for a bilingual household where Spanish is the primary language.

Letter Types

Types of letters you send to members or contacts, like "Birthday Greeting", "Home Visit", and "Final Reminder". Use these on the Letters, Visits, Etc. window.

Marital Status Names

Descriptions for the marriage status for each family member. For example: "Church Marriage", "Civil Marriage", "Engaged", and "Widowed".

Mass Names

Names of your masses, such as "Sunday", "Easter", and "Christmas". You can track attendance for these.

Phone Description Names

Types of phone numbers people use, like "Home" and "Cell".

Relationship Names

Typical relationship descriptions and the default Member Type you associate with the relationship. For example: "Uncle–Adult", "Wife–Spouse", and "Stepson–Child".

Requirement Descriptions

Things that people are required to do before they can volunteer or work at your organization, like "Orientation", "Reference Letter", and "Sensitivity Training". This includes the number of months the requirement is valid before renewal is required.

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