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Institution/Parish Keywords

Use these keywords to describe different aspects of your institutions and parishes.


Subdivisions of your diocese that you can indicate on an office/dept/org, group, or parish/facility record.

Parish/Org Keywords

Any information that isn't covered by existing parish/org fields. For parishes, you might say "Has School", "Has Cemetery", and "Uses Landscape Co.". For organizations, you might say "Top Donor Clue" and "Bishop Council".

Parish Main Language

Predominant languages your parishes speak, like "English", "Spanish", and "French".

Parish Regions

Regions for the parishes in your diocese.

Statistic Periods

Time periods to keep track of statistics for your parishes or facilities, such as dates of fiscal years and quarters.

Statistic Types

Statistics you keep track of for each parish or facility. For example, the total number of families in the parish.

Type of Parish/Org

Types of organizations in your diocese, such as parishes and schools.


Territorial sections of your diocese made up of parishes and institutions.