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Set Initial Program Options

In the Initial Setup window, you can specify various program options, preferences, and default subdirectories. On the File menu, click Setup > Initial Setup. Most of these options are also available under the Setup Options menu when you click the gear icon black gear with hole in the middle in any data entry window.

Initial Program Options Field Information

Don't Use Filters
Disable the filters you set up in the program. This option only displays when you're not sharing data.
Default Picture Subdirectory / Default Documents Subdirectory
Enter the path where you want to store the pictures and/or documents you attach or create in the program.
Note: In order for the images/documents to be included in automatic data backups, set the default location to the Pictures or Documents folder inside the PDS program data folder. For example: X:\PDSOffice\Data\Pictures or X:\PDSOffice\Data\Documents. This increases the size of your backup. If you set the default location outside of the PDS Data folder, you must remember to manually back up the digital images/documents.
CAUTION: If you change the default picture or document folder once you've started using it, make sure you move all your files to the new location. To automatically update all existing paths for the pictures or documents you've added in PDS, click Yes when prompted.
Automatically Update
At the scheduled time, if an update is available, a notice displays on the Home Screen. You must enter an email address in the License Information window before using this feature.

Program Options

Weekly is Weekly on Sunday
Calculates recurring terms and rates based on the number of Sundays in the recurring period. When you set up a recurring charge and select the terms in the Contributions window, by default, the amount is calculated based on the number of times that day of the week falls within the recurring period. For example, if the starting date is on a Wednesday and you select Weekly, the recurring charge applies every week on Wednesday. This can affect how the amount is calculated because a year may have 53 Wednesdays, but only 52 Sundays.
Save Order when Exit Program
You can save the order that you navigate records in the Family, Member, Sacramental Register, and Contribution windows. Otherwise, the navigation order resets after you leave a window or exit the program.
Processes Should Affect Family Date Changed
Alters the Screen Changed date in the family record every time you run a process.
Ask for Reason on Significant Changes
Logs occurrences of important changes to family data and the reasons for the changes. The reasons for changes display in red if they were made in another PDS program that is synced with the current PDS program. If selected, you're prompted when you make changes to the following information:
  • Family Name
  • Street Address
  • City/State
  • ZIP/Postal
  • Family Status (active or inactive)
  • Delete a family, member, or email address
  • Sync information with the diocese
  • Mark a member deceased
... or when you run the following system processes:
  • Change Area Code
  • Change Case of Information
  • Change Names
  • Change Addresses
Note: You can view logged changes and reasons from three locations within the program:
Default Synchronize with Diocese/Metropolis to True
When you add a new family record, the Synchronize w/Dio or Sync. w/Metropolis checkbox defaults to True.
Use Single Batch Number for Memorials
When you return to a memorial to add more donors, the same batch number will be used for easier tracking. If you clear this option, a new batch will be created each time you add more donors.
Greek Orthodox
Displays only if you selected the Greek Orthodox Install option during the installation. Clear the checkbox to disable Greek Orthodox features.
Disable Add Head/Spouse when Adding Family
When you add a new family record, the Head or Spouse type isn't automatically assigned.
Hide Head/Spouse Gender when Adding Family
When you add a new family record, the Gender field is hidden. The head will be Male and the spouse will be Female.
Disable Family/Member Name Change Help
Disables the question dialog box that normally displays when you change family or member names.
Default to Show Totals for All Funds
Displays the totals for all funds in the Contribution windows. Otherwise, the fund totals are hidden.
Processes Should Affect Member Date Changed
Alters the Screen Changed date in the member record every time you run a process.
Rates can be Charges or Payments
Sets a recurring activity as either a charge or a payment. If you clear this, the recurring activity must be a charge.
Default Envelope User to True
When you add a new family record, the Envelope User checkbox defaults to True.
Split M/M if Spouse has Different Last Name
Splits the compound title for a family if the spouse's last name is different. For example, "Mr." and "Mrs." instead of "M/M".
Sharing Data Options
If you share data with another Office program, select which information to share. You can also allow other Office programs to add or remove records in this program.


Sacrament Sponsor Format
Select how you want sponsor names to print on sacrament certificates.
Include Middle Names when using the Use Default Values Button
When entering sacrament information, you can click the Use Default Values button to automatically fill in father's and mother's names from the member records. Select this option to include middle names.
Preferred Family Title
Select how you want the titles of married couples to display on family records. This applies to most titles, including M/D, Mr. & Dr., Mr. and Dr.; S/S, Señor & Señora, Señor and Señora; and so on. This option also determines whether "&" or "and" prints in family titles on reports.
Family Mailing Name and Family Formal Salutation
Select which names to show in the Mailing Name and Formal Salutation. For example, Head First Name Only would show something like "Mr. & Mrs. John Baxter", whereas Both Head and Spouse First Names would show "Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary Baxter".
Include Middle Initials in Family and Member First Names
If you enter middle initials as part of family and member first names, such as "Mary T.", select this option to always print the middle initial with the first name. This is helpful if you use middle initials to identify folks with the same or similar names.
Automatically Add Family Phones/Emails to Members
If selected, when you add, edit, or delete phone numbers and email addresses on a family's record, the same information is added, edited, or deleted on all the family members' records as well. This only applies to future records you add after you select this. When you select this option, you're prompted to run the Family/Member Phones/Emails process to update existing records. If you'd rather select which individual members to add/edit/delete information for, clear this option and select to show the Complete List instead.
Show the Complete List of Family and Members when managing phones/emails
If selected, the list of all family and member phone numbers or emails displays when you click in the grid on the record. If you would rather add or edit phones and emails in the grid directly, clear this option. If you do that, you can still view the full list by clicking Manage above each grid.
Checkbox 1 Name / Checkbox 2 Name
By default, these checkboxes display at the top-right of family and member windows and are used to identify School and Daycare records. However, if you don't have an affiliated school or daycare, you can change the name of either option to fit your needs. Be sure the name makes sense for a checkbox. Select which windows should show each checkbox.


Other Benefits Names
You can set up to four custom benefit names to display in the personnel's Health/Insurance window.
Sharing Personnel Data Options
Select whether to share certain personnel data from this program with other Office programs.