Set Up Facility Features

Facility features are items or details related to a facility, such as a projection screen, dry erase board, coffee maker, and seating capacity. You can enter up to 18 facility features.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Facility Features.
  2. Click Insert Features to add a new facility feature.
  3. Select whether the feature uses a number or Yes/No checkbox. For example, a "seating capacity" feature uses a number whereas a "projection screen" feature uses a Yes/No option.
  4. To remove a feature, click Delete Features and select the items.
  5. To reorder features, click Reorder and use the arrows to move the items. Click Sort to arrange selected items alphabetically.
  6. If you have similar features that need to be merged, click Combine.
  7. Click Save/OK.

When you add a facility, you can select all the features that apply in the facility's Address/Features window.