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Messages are an incredibly powerful aspect of MinistryPlatform. Working with Messages is similar to working with emails or text messages in any other program. But MinistryPlatform messages are connected to a database used by hundreds or thousands of users. And, because ministry is collaborative, a history of all Messages sent to any contact in MinistryPlatform is preserved.

  • Messages are related to emails, but Messages themselves are not emails. They're stored in MinistryPlatform and may be used to send emails.

  • When a Contact has an email address, a copy of the Message is delivered via email to their email address.

  • When a Contact replies to that email, the reply goes to the email address of the MinistryPlatform user who sent the message. Replies are not stored in MinistryPlatform.

  • If a Message cannot be sent because a Contact doesn't have an email address, this is recorded and viewable under Communications > Messages. If the Message was generated automatically by a Process, a user is assigned a task to find an alternate way to deliver that Message.

  • You can create Messages using the New Message Tool.


You can send messages manually at any time. Or set it and forget it using one of the following automatic methods:

  • Processes: A Message can be sent as a result of a Process Step. For more information on Processes and Process Steps, see Working with Processes and Process Step - Send an Email.

  • Notifications: Notifications are the automated Messages MinistryPlatform sends each day. For more information, see Notifications.