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Track Employee Hours

Keep in mind:
  • The number of hours worked displays on paystubs and several other locations.
  • If you track hours for all employees, when paying salaried employees, the Gross Calculation dialog box doesn't display. To edit the hours for salaried employees, you must edit the paycheck details.
  • Entering hours for salaried employees does not change the Gross/Net pay.

You can track the number of hours worked for all employees (hourly and salaried) or for hourly employees only. Track hours for all employees if you need to be compliant with ACA reporting.

Calculating the hours based on an "Hours per year" or "Payments per year" basis results in odd numbers for non-week-based frequencies. For example, Semi-monthly (24 payments per year) calculates out to 86.67 hours per paycheck. You must adjust this in the Paycheck Details Before Payment window.
CAUTION: If you don't want to be responsible for adjusting this, you can turn this feature off.
  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Initial Setup.
  2. On the Payroll tab, select an option for Track Hours for Salaried Employees.
    • Select Yes to track hours for all employees (hourly and salaried).
    • Select No to track hours for only hourly employees.
  3. Click Save.