Sets of Accounts

A set is a group of account numbers based on a pattern. Using sets can save time. Instead of entering each account in the list, you can add several accounts at once.

For example:

  • 30XX represents accounts 3000 through 3099

  • XX20 represents any account that ends with 20

Brackets in the pattern indicate a range. Use colons to separate values in the range and use commas to separate individual parts in the pattern.

For example:

  • 30[00:20] represents accounts 3000 through 3020

  • [30,35][21:99] represents accounts 3021 through 3099 and accounts 3521 through 3599.

To use a set of accounts, select one of the following options from the Source drop-down list and enter the set in the Pattern field:
  • Print a set of accounts
  • Include a set of accounts but hide detail
  • Print a set of accounts as a single entry
  • Subtract out a set of accounts
  • Subtract out a set but hide the detail