Assign Check Numbers Automatically

You can automatically assign the next check number written from the cash account. On the Other Information tab, click Chart of Accounts. Select a cash account, and click Check Numbers in the navigation pane. This option is only enabled for cash accounts.

Sharing Check Numbers

Checks written from a cash account can come from disbursements, paid invoices, and/or payroll (if you have Payroll installed). These sources can share checks written from the same cash account. To automatically assign the next check number, select an item in the drop-down list to define which sources share checks.

Depending on what you select in the drop-down list, a separate box displays for each type of check that uses different numbers. Enter the check number used by each source type. The program updates the number as you write checks.
Note: These check numbers come from the same cash account. The settings selected here affect only this account.

For the final box, enter a separate number to use as the check number when Electronic Payment or Direct Deposit is selected.